Madelaine's Eggs

Eggs that simply taste healthier. happier. organic. delicious.

Organic regenerative farming makes for happy, healthy hens and delicious eggs.

Organic farming provides long-term benefits to people and the environment. Here’s how:

  • Chicken manure and scratching provide nutrients and tillage, improving long-term soil fertility while managing waste passively on-site.
  • Healthy pasture provides the chickens with a varied, natural diet of insects, seeds and grasses.
  • Ample space and frequent rotation at pastures reduce the likelihood of certain pests and diseases. 
  • When pests and diseases do occur, they are managed with organic methods rather than antibiotics or chemicals which persist in the environment.

The best quality eggs for people and the planet

Pledging to always:

Support local communities

Improve animal welfare

Reduce risk of antibiotic resistance

Protect waterways

Improve soil quality

Preserve biodiversity

Reduce carbon footprint