My Chickens

Chickens that roam free eat natrual live wild all day everyday.

A little bit about the life of Madelaine’s chickens – and why the eggs taste so good.

From 24 hours old the fluffy chicks start their life with me at Hollyburton farm. They are kept warm and dry under heat lamps, with fresh water and delicious organic food to eat.

At fourteen days they venture out onto my green pastures in little mobile houses that are moved daily. These comfortable houses still have heat lamps and little perches so they can learn to fly and scratch. They spend the next four weeks in these portable houses eating green feed and growing fast and testing out their new feathers, which is lots of fun to watch.

For the next four weeks, they are allowed to roam free around my family’s lawns and exploring mum’s flower garden. My dogs keep them safe from predators.

At 10 weeks of age, they move into their adult chicken mobile homes. They get to use the perches and practice laying eggs in the nest boxes. They have lots of fun exploring their new 10-hectare paddock. At this age they get so excited to hear the sound of me come on the four-wheeler, they run and jump with excitement to greet me.

My hens are certified organic with NASAA No. 3531. NASAA is a leading certifying body that makes sure farmers are ethical and looking after their land and animals strictly in the most environmentally sound way, using only organic methods. This guarantees that the customer is buying a truly organic product.

I would recommend anyone who wants to start organic farming to contact NASAA as they have some great advise on where and how to start.