Farm Stall

Come pick up some organic eggs organic veg organic goods at the farm.

A hidden gem in the Macedon Ranges full of organic goodness.

Madelaine’s Eggs

Why do organic eggs cost more? Here’s why…

When you buy standard free-range eggs, farmers often buy in factory-raised chicks at 16 weeks old that have barely seen sunlight.

The hens get a short time outside with up to 10,000 other hens per hectare. Their diet is limited, unnatural and not certified organic.

100% Natural…

My eggs are certified by NASAA.

Their super high standards give peace of mind that you’re buying the highest quality.

No nasty chemicals or practices are used. Ever.

My chicks from Day 1 get fed certified organic feed costing $1100/ton more than standard feed!
Then they’re roaming outside from sunup to sundown in our spacious pastures with just 400 other hens per hectare.

Eating natural organic diets and living wild every day! Protected by their trusty Maremma dogs.

One more thing…

The packaging’s made in Australia and is 100% compostable.

As you can see, this all adds up to an expensive
way of producing eggs, but I think it’s worth it
and I hope you do too!

Happy chickens make healthier, tastier eggs.
Simple as that!

Grab yourself a carton and taste the difference!

Wildwood Organics

Fresh, Organic and Seasonal Veggie Boxes To Your Door!

Grown with Organic and Regenerative Practices in the Macedon Ranges.

Wildwood Organics is a 4 acre certified organic Vegetable Market Garden. It is situated in the Macedon Ranges Shire with the beautiful ranges as our backdrop.

We practice Regenerative Farming techniques to build really healthy soil which grows really healthy and great tasting veggies.

We deliver our veggie boxes to homes and businesses all around the Macedon Ranges Shire and also into Melbourne.

We love working closely with chefs and restaurants to provide them with top quality, great tasting and beautiful produce.